Canine Good Citizen Sample(includes Therapy Dog Prep)

Practical training  and preparation for good manners as required to pass AKC's CGC test and receive a title.

For more information about the CGC, you can look at AKC's site here.


Therapy Dog Preparation


Are you considering sharing your special  dog with others in our community as a certified  therapy dog team?  Therapy dogs come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and ages. Yes, senior dogs make great therapy dogs!   The two most important characteristics are  your dog's  temperament and dependable good behavior. They are friendly, patient, confident, gentle, and at ease with strangers and in the company of other dogs.  They provide unconditional acceptance,emotional support, and make a difference to everyone they visit. Our Canine Good Citizen Sampler class prepares you and your dog for not only the CGC  test (a prerequisite for most therapy dog organizations), but also  for the Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc evaluation. While training classes are not required to test for either the CGC or most therapy dog organizations, we believe it is beneficial to you and your dog to  be well prepared for either test. We will help you fine tune your dog's obedience skills, set your dog up to succeed with confidence as they are exposed simulated visits using medical equipment, and practice  the steps for the B&BTD evaluation/certification. You will also learn about therapy dog protocol and visitation  mentoring programs.

Often  people think only of the dogs who visit nursing homes.  There are a variety of ways to make a difference with your therapy dog.   Programs are  in place to visit local  rehabs, hospitals, reading programs in both schools  and libraries, and  community education events  just to name a few. Call to schedule your complimentary  CGC/therapy dog evaluation with Jackie,who is both  an AKC/CGC evaluator as well as a certified evaluator for Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs, Inc.

Prerequisite: Adult Good Manners 1 or  Instructor's  prior approval.