What to Bring to Class:

  1. Vaccination record (rabies, bordetella, parvo, and distemper).  All vaccinations must be up to date.  You can also have your vet fax the records to (727) 857-5811.
  2. Appropriate (safe) clothing and footwork for active work.  (Think of this like going to a gym.)
  3. Cookies (soft, small training treats work best)
  4. Appropriate Collar and leash (For safety reasons, please do not use a flexi leashes or chain leash.)
  5. Please cut and dremel your dog's nails.  If you are unable to do this, our groomers would be more than happy to do your dog's nails before class.  Please arrive early enough for them and call to schedule an appointment if possible.
  6. A happy, hungry, and motivated puppy.  It's best for the dog to arrive alert and ready to learn!


It's a pleasure to have a well-behaved confident family dog who knows how to appropriately greet people, behave around other dogs, enjoy a walk through the neighborhood, and come when called without having to worry about embarrassing behaviors like reactive barking, pulling you down the street, lunging or jumping.  Dog obedience training is an investment in your relationship that is well worth the time and cost. Simply put, your dog deserves to learn skills through positive effective instruction that will last a lifetime.  We help you learn how to clearly communicate with your dog in a way that makes sense to them. A more effective way for your dog to learn is to set them up to succeed and receive praise for what they do correctly instead of punishing them for not  understanding or meeting expectations.  At SSP, you won't find "cookie cutter one size fits all" fear based dog training. Every dog is treated as an individual with lessons tailored to both you and your dog. We teach with experience, mutual respect, trust, and  understanding not through intimidation. 

Group Class Information


Your dog must be dog and people friendly to enroll in group classes. If  you or your dog is not comfortable in the company of other dogs or unfamiliar people (a dog who is extremely shy, fearful, an  overly reactive barker) we can assist you with private lessons.  Take advantage of our  complimentary training evaluation.  Many times what dog owners perceive as a  problem is such as barking = aggression is not the case at all. Allow our qualified trainers to assess and tailor a program to fit your needs.


Classes are conducted in small groups (approximately 3-6 dog teams) so individual attention can be given  to each team. Some of the weekly lessons include:  basic commands like focus, walk politely on a leash, sit, come when called, down, stay, wait at the doorway, go to you place/settle, and leave it.  You'll learn how to replace those hard to live with behaviors like bolting through the doorway,   jumping on you and/or guests, and counter surfing, "selective hearing", and other dog issues with good manners. Lessons  also cover  problem behaviors  such as chewing,  mouthing, housebreaking, running away, barking,  lunging, and pulling on the leash. There is a Q & A at the end of each lesson.  The success of training comes from what you are willing to put into practice at home. Training of any kind will not work if you do not reinforce the lessons daily  as taught in class, so be ready to do your homework!