Puppy K

I got a puppy now what? Don't wait to correct problems get started on the right paw to  establish a pattern of good behaviors. The  importance of safe early socialization can’t be overstated.

Our puppy classes are for geared  for puppies 4-6 months old.  We cover  how to deal with teething (Ouch!), grabbing everything they see in their mouth, soiling in the house, and jumping. Puppy K is all about  managing puppy behaviors.   Your puppy will learn to sit, lay down, and come when called and learn to accept handling and walk on a leash, retrieve take and give,  as well as trick or two using voice and hand signals. Puppies will interact with a variety of other puppies,  people, and objects in a safe fun  atmosphere during this important phase of development.  Puppies are like sponges and  find learning  fun and exciting.