Picture a mapped out numbered course of 10-20 signs. You and your dog show off your teamwork by navigating the course while  following the instructions on each sign.  Signs like: Sit-Down-Stand, Down / Stay walk around  your dog, Walk a figure 8 pattern around two cones with a bowl of treats or toys on each side (while your dog ignores the distractions and stays at your side), Send your dog over a low jump, and Serpentine (you and your dog weave thru cones while your dog stays at your side) just to name a few. It's kind of a cross between obedience and agility. Rally is similar to using doggie flash cards with training. Rally classes are always lots of fun with lots of encouragement, support and  laughs!  

At the  beginners level (Novice) your dog  performs the skills while on a leash.  The next two levels (Advanced/Excellent)  your dog is off leash.  

It doesn't matter if your goal is to enter a dog show or enjoy showing off your dog,  Rally is the perfect choice.  

Why chose Rally? 

-If you want to add enrichment, socialization, and moderate exercise to your dog's life.   

-If you have a dog who loves to work and needs a 'job' to stay happy. 

-If you have a dog in need of some  'fine tuning' with obedience skills or focus work.

-If you have a senior dog he/she will benefit from mental and physical  stimulation.

-If you enjoy having fun with your dog in the company of  other friendly dog people. 

Prerequisite: Manners 1 or instructor's approval.  Your dog must have dependable obedience  skills-  sit, down, stay, come, walk on a loose leash with focus. All dogs must be dog and people friendly to participate in the group.  Dogs do not need to know how to read to take this course. 

This is an ongoing class.